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The Finer Things in Life Won't Make You Finer~

I wanted to share something that I recently heard on a movie of all places. The actor quoted, "I thought the finer things in life would make me finer, but they didn't" and boy did that hit so close to home for me. I've been in a season of life where I've wanted all the newest things from makeup to cars to clothes. It drained me (and my bank account) but I thought if I had these things...things would be better in my life. I would be happier, more content, prettier. I bet you can guess what happened. They didn't!! I felt the exact same as I did when I didn't own the newest Too Faced product as I did with my drugstore makeup. Did more people notice me because of that? Nope. Did I for some odd magical reason think that was the key to success? Yes. Honestly, I don't really know what I was thinking. But I almost felt worse after buying these products. Why? Because I started noticing what I was putting my money towards. It was all products that eventually g…

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