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Traveling Solo (What I Learned)~

Wow... what a week it has been! This past week I've traveled to three different major cities around North and South Carolina and I don't even know where to start to tell you about what I've learned in such a short amount of time.
First off, I'll start by saying the people I've met have the friendliest, kindest and most loving people I've ever met. The southern hospitality is real y'all. The best story I could tell (there's a lot but it would be pages) is about a lady I met. It was my first morning in Greenville, SC and I couldn't check into my Airbnb until 4 pm that day. Well, it was 11 am when I arrived in this city so I was trying to kill some time. I was googling and going on Pinterest (highly recommend if you are traveling somewhere new and want to find cool places around that area) what there was to do in Greenville and I stumbled across this free rose garden tour. I heard free so I was all in haha! I packed up my things and headed over. It was…

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